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Beautier Plasma Pen

£999.00 £1,500.00

The Beautier Plasma Pen uses innovative technology to rejuvenate and tighten the skin with no downtime, and no scarring facial lift. The Beautier Plasma Pen is FDA and CE approved and created by Beautier cosmetics and is widely used as a non-surgical device that creates visible results instantly after the treatment.

During a plasma fibroblast treatment, the Beautier Plasma Pen creates a small accurate plasma arc which creates a very specific thermal burn that causes instant tightening of the skin area.

By puncturing tiny holes in the skin, the surface tissue contracts to give an immediately visible skin lift effect. As the epidermis creates fresh new cells, the process of collagen is enhanced, and elastic creation makes the skin appear stronger, fresher, and lifted over a short period of time.

Treatment areas of the Beautier Plasma Pen include eyelids, crow’s feet, jowl, and neck areas amongst other areas that have become loose over time.

The Beautier Plasma Pen is CE marked and ISO 9001 certified meaning it is safe and fully compliant with European safety regulations.